City Views

After 37 days of travel in two months, I’m finally back in Chicago for (almost) good! I had gotten so used to the routine of traveling – unpacking in hotels, working out in hotel fitness centers, and eating out – that it’s strange to be home again!  I’m reacquainting myself with grocery stores, cooking, and my home gym. Many people

Where to eat in Omaha

It’s finally HERE!  My complete guide of where to eat in Omaha after spending 5 weeks traveling to Omaha and exploring the bar and restaurant scene at night.  Dinner was the most exciting part of most of my evenings, so I opted for exploring local restaurants over grabbing Jimmy Johns.  If you missed it, check out my last travel post

River Roast Brunch

A couple weeks ago, Jesi and I celebrated her last Sunday as a Chicagoan with our favorite activities – brunch, pictures, and ice cream. River Roast takes the prize for having the best patio in Chicago.  Really, nothing else beats being right on the river – especially since this section of river walk opened last year. Of course we started