I have the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.  Now I just need a Valentine 😉

Valentine’s Day used to be one of those days I dreaded – it was disappointing if you were with someone, and even more disappointing if you were alone.  My opinion on the day has changed along with other high expectation holidays (I’m looking at you, New Years Eve).  At the worst, I’ll spend it home alone.  But you know what?  I really enjoy a night in, alone.  They don’t occur very often.  Why should I suddenly not enjoy it just because it happens to be Valentine’s Day?  And I’ve certainly been in enough “wrong” relationships to at this point not just appreciate, but enjoy my single-dom.  Would I really want to go out with someone I didn’t really like, or who was wrong for me just to avoid spending the night alone?  No, thank you.  And if you are dating around Valentine’s Day, that’s the week where everyone you were talking to mysteriously disappears to avoid the unprecedented high expectations set around the holidays.  I was seriously impressed when one gentleman texted me “Happy Valentines Day”  one year.  Kuddos to him for having the guts to acknowledge the holiday.

Rant over.  If you plan on going out on Valentine’s Day, here’s an idea on what to wear!  Me, I’ll probably be sitting on the floor, eating take out in my new apartment.  And loving every minute of it.

Although I love red year round, Christmas and Valentines day are extra excuses for me to wear all the red.  This dress is on super sale, but I rounded up some of my other favorites too!

Dress (on sale!!):: Shoes :: Bag :: Earrings (c/o) :: Bracelet :: Ring

Photos by Ali Stone at the Langham Hotel Chicago