Travel: Making the Hotel Home

When I tell people how much I travel – I get the “Wow, you must really get sick of staying in a hotel.”  And the honest answer is…no, I don’t!  But I have my travel hotel routine down to a T.  As soon as I check in (barring any immediate commitments), I unpack my stuff to the exact places.  I spend a lot of my time staying at the same hotels, so they start to feel a little like home!  I used to be someone who kept everything in my suitcase the entire trip, but this leads to a huge mess after a day or two.  Not to mention all of my clothes looking wrinkly and gross!

The first thing I do when I get into my room is unpack my chargers and devices and plug everything in.  Even if my phone has plenty of battery, chances are I’ll be running out to an event, or a meeting and want that little bit of extra charge.  Next I hang up as much of the clothes in my suitcase as possible.  Ideally, this is everything but my workout clothes.  For longer trips, I prioritize what will wrinkle.

I always take a surface, usually by the TV to unpack all of my accessories.  It helps when I’m rushing to get ready to just grab my watch and a pair of earrings and be out the door.

Something I started when I first started traveling was using the glasses in the hotel room to organize my makeup.  If I’m staying at a hotel room for more than a night (which is almost always) it makes it easy to find and grab what I need quick.  It also helps me to not forget a step!  I can also take up the entire bathroom since I (almost) always travel by myself.

I travel pretty light, but there are a few things I bring or do when I’m traveling to make me feel  more at home.  First, my gratitude journal.  Okay, half the time I forget to bring it – and even when I remember it, rarely do I have a chance to write in it in the morning like I prefer.  But I’ll take a few slow minutes late morning, maybe after returning from a morning event to sit down and write in it.  For the times when I forget it, I write in the notes in my phone.  I tend to not watch a lot of TV when I’m at home (actually, as I’m writing this it is January 15th and I’m not sure I’ve turned on my television this year, live TV and streaming included), so I try to maintain that when I’m traveling by reading, working and listening to music.  Some hotels will let you connect to Netflix, Hulu and YouTube on the TV, which I will watch.  For some reason I find picking what I want to watch so much more enjoyable than having to flip through channels and choose from what is available.  Much more like home!  Finally, I crank the heat up…to like 74…in my hotel room.  I know that is super warm, but I get so cold when I’m not moving, and I don’t travel with heavy sweaters or sweatshirts!  Once again, good thing I travel alone!

Do you have any habits or rituals you follow when you are staying in a hotel room?