The best Travel Business Casual Outfit

She started wearing a lot of black, white and grey, and hanging out with architects.

I don’t talk about my day job too much on here, but last year I was promoted to a new position that involves networking with professionals in the architecture field.  I’m not saying that architects have a different style than engineers, but architecture is a much more heavily female occupation.  Architects also have to think about the aesthetic of their work, which can translate into their personal style.

At any rate, I had to translate my own business wardrobe (or maybe, lack of business wardrobe?) into a style that would fit for attending business casual evening networking events.

This basic, but chic outfit has been my go to – plus all of the items are great for travel and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the event.  More formal?  Switch out for a black pencil skirt and a short sweater or blazer.  Less formal?  Jeans it is!

A great accessory for a classic look?  Pearls!  This gorgeous strand is from my friend Karen at Golden Crown Jewelers.  Stay tuned for a chance to win this exact necklace on Wednesday!

Top :: Pants :: Sweater :: Shoes :: Wallet (c/o) :: Rings (c/o) :: Watch (c/o) :: Sunglasses :: Necklace (c/o Golden Crown Jewelers)

Photos by Ali Stone