Life Updates

Hi there!!  I know it’s been a couple week since I have written a post.  There has been SO much going on it’s been hard to keep up with a consistent schedule of blogging.  As much as I hate the word busy, and that it has become a competition for who is busier because we relate it to mattering more – it really has been busy!   Lots of travel and presentations for work AND on top of everything I’m about to move!!

One of the responsibilities of my job is to give educational lunch presentations to architecture and engineering firms.  I love teaching people new things – so it is one of my favorite parts of my job!  However, it’s also quite intimidating to stand up in front of an office of 30+ people, most of whom have more experience than me, and pretend to be an expert.  Luckily, in order to be an expert on a topic, you don’t need to know everything.  You just need to know more than everyone else!  After giving 8 presentations in 4 weeks I should feel like more of an expert!

A move that a few months ago seemed SO far in the future has come up SO much faster than I thought it would.  I was planning on selling furniture, decluttering and cleaning out closets, but in reality, not much of it has happened.  I still have high hopes of selling some furniture and making one last donation trip to Goodwill this weekend – but we will see if it happens!

My parents visited me last weekend to take custody of my plants and alcohol before the move.  It was a lovely weekend.  We went to a nice dinner at Booth One (plus, it happened to be restaurant week), went to church on Sunday morning, and went for Sunday brunch.  Then while loading their car, my poor Mom fell down my front stairs.  My Mom is the one with the medical knowledge in my family – having worked as a nurse for many years including being a nurse on the cardiac floor and working on heart transplant patients.  So when she says “call an ambulance” I am going to do it.  Lesson: do not carry more than you are capable of, even if it’s a short distance!  Anyone could trip, fall and break something.  Meanwhile, my poor Mom has to have surgery on a broken leg.  (She is otherwise in good spirits, and I am so grateful that so many friends of my parents have offered to help!)

I picked up this sweater on major sale before the holidays, and it’s perfect for the weekend with jeans, or even for a casual day in the office with black pants.  The boots I’m wearing are very similar to these.  My boots were a couple years old, so I recently upgraded to the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boot.  If you can afford the splurge, I would really recommend the investment!  I have long legs, and the extra couple inches of shaft height in the Stuart Weitzman make them a true over the knee boot, and they are much higher quality!

Sweater :: Jeans :: Sunglasses (c/o) :: Boots :: Necklace :: Watch (c/o) :: Rings (c/o)

Photos by Ali Stone