Golden Crown Jewelers

A few months ago my friend Karen invited me to come in and check out her family’s local Chicago jewelry store, Golden Crown Jewelers – located right in the heart of Chicago in Wabash Jeweler’s Row.  After a few weeks of coordinating, I made it in and have FINALLY gotten around to editing and posting said photos from such a fun day.  It’s been a busy few months.

You here a lot about shop small and local, but it doesn’t get any more local than this.  Golden Crown Jewelry is a family owned and run business that has been in Chicago for more than 40 years.  The jewels and gems, of course, come from all over the world, but all of the jewelry is made in Chicago.

Since it’s a small business, a lot of their work is revamping or remaking older jewelry that has been passed down into something more modern and wearable.  Or turning that one earring with no match into a new piece.  The ring above could easily be made with a single pearl earring with no mate!

Clearly, I was having fun trying on their cool pieces!  One of the huge questions I had for Karen is caring for jewelry – rings in particular.  I’m constantly taking rings off when I wash my hands, only to forget them and lose the ring!  The good news – those real metal (gold, silver, platinum) rings will stand up fine in the water, no need to take those off.

Things I learned from this experience:  Jewelry is hard to photograph.  I couldn’t quite capture how beautiful and sparkly this necklace was in a photo.  So, I made a GIF for you!  This was a necklace made for a client that Karen was nice enough to let me photograph.  The large diamond was the stone being reincorporated into this new, very beautiful necklace.

I’ll take this one, please!!

It gets better!  Karen was nice enough to give me a beautiful pearl necklace – retail value of $500 – to give away to one lucky follower!  Be on the lookout for another giveaway on Instagram!!

Thank you to Golden Crown Jewelers for having me in!