“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Do you ever get those periods of time where everything seems to be going right?  The things that you want and the right people just seem to randomly come into your life without even trying.  That pretty much explains my last few weeks.

Is it really true that everything is going right?  Of course not!  But I choose to focus on the things that are going well.  I focus on things that make me happy, people that I like spending time with, and the things in my life I am excited about.  By paying attention to the good things, it sets me in a good mood to notice more of the things that are going RIGHT.

There will always be sad, disappointing, or stressful times in life, but why focus on them when you could focus on the good.  Why feel bad, when you could feel happy?

It’s funny when people say “You must be so excited to be done with grad school!”  or “It must be so hard to balance work and school!”  I have become so used to focusing on the positive, that these statements are almost funny to me.  Without grad school, I wouldn’t live in Chicago.  It’s been my little excuse to enjoy these last few months in my favorite city.  Yes, I have to balance work and school – but I’ve finished all of my “difficult” classes.  After 2 years, I actually have friends in my program and class is also an excuse to catch up with them.  Am I excited to be done?  Absolutely!  But I also very happy NOW – working full time and attending grad school.

Focus on the good things, and soon more good things will come.

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Photos by Ali Stone