October Beauty Favorites

I can hardly believe that October is almost over!  When the weather turns to fall, I always gravitate towards darker red lip shades.  I’ve already set “Ruby” as my fall go-to lip color.  My travel has been nonstop this month, but when I’m in town I try to take really good care of my skin and use masks almost every day.  This one is super gentle, and hydrating – perfect for after traveling!  I’ve even been having “Makeup free” days once or twice a week.  One thing I’m super uptight about is my brows.  Although I’ve tried lots of brow products there is one I keep going back to.  But I finally found a drugstore equivalent for half the price!

I am obsessed with Aveda products.  Just this week I stayed at a hotel that I didn’t really like (it was kind of gross, and far out from the city), but they had amazing Aveda products that I would totally go back for!  Aveda’s hand creme is amazing, and when you buy this one $2 goes to breast cancer research!

Brow pencil :: Lipstick :: Hand Lotion :: Mask (all c/o)