July Beauty Favorites

Another month of beauty favorites (and once again, I failed to get this up before the new month)!  Every time I think that there is no way I can find more products that I love – and that I’m completely satisfied with what I use, I’m surprised by something new.

Aveda sent me their scalp cleanser, and I was skeptical and waited to use it.  When I finally did, my hair and scalp felt so much cleaner – using shampoo for my hair and a product meant to clean your scalp for the rest.  I still only use it 1-2 times a week, since I have gone to washing my hair with shampoo only twice a week.  I even bought the exfoliator hair brush to use with it – which feels SO good on my scalp.

I’ve been out in the sun a lot this year, but my legs are still SO pale.  I started using this wet skin moisturizer almost every day right out of the shower, and it gives me just enough glow that I look healthy and sun kissed, but still natural.

If you’ve followed my beauty posts, you know I’m a huge fan of face oils.  I’ve tried out a few kinds, and mixes, but I love Moroccan Elixir’s Argan Oil.  The great thing about oils, if it’s too thick or strong for your face, just mix them!  I added a few drops to the Jojoba Oil that I travel with.

I got my first EVER Naked Palette, and I am not used to using such high quality eye shadows.  These are so much more pigmented than what I normally use, and a little goes a long way.  The colors are a little dark and red for me, but I’m still having fun playing around with the palette, and there are more than enough lighter colors to blend out the darks to work with my skin.

Scalp Cleanser (c/o) :: Wet Skin Natural Glow Moisturizer (c/o) :: Exfoliating Hair Brush :: Naked Heat Palette (c/o) :: Moroccan Oil Ageless Face Oil (c/o)

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