Travel: Tucson

Last week, I was in Tucson for the Structural Engineers of Arizona convention.  It was my first time in Tucson in about 10 years, it being a common winter vacation destination in my childhood to visit family in the area.

It was my first time visiting during the summer, and it was HOT – about 100 degrees.  But I finally believe what everyone says.  It’s a dry heat.  Chicago felt much hotter than Tucson when I got home.  And the rates at gorgeous resorts like the West La Paloma are super affordable.

I didn’t have time to explore much of the city outside of the resort, but there are so many things to do in and around Tucson!  The Desert Museum used to be a favorite for my family to visit when we were in town.  There are lots of hiking options in the mountains – I want to go back and do the Seven Falls hike!

I hope to be back to visit again soon!