Robs 10K Friends

The power of social media continues to amaze me.  Last night I got to meet Rob Lawless, who is trying to meet 10,000 people (and document each meeting on his instagram @robs10kfriends)

1055. “They’re like, ‘You don’t look like an engineer.’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know what an engineer looks like.'” About three and a half years ago, Katherine Quigg started a blog called “Engineering In Style.” Born out of her love of fashion and desire for a creative outlet, Katherine’s blog soon became a way of holding herself accountable to a part of her life she really enjoyed, dressing well. Because she always looked fashionable, she often times heard that she didn’t look like an engineer, so she also used her writing as a means to combat the stereotypes surrounding her career. Having graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering, Katherine has spent her professional time working in engineering positions such as project management at a steel mill, is now pursuing her master’s in Structural Engineering, and after obtaining it will be moving to the great city of Philadelphia in December! Awesome hanging with you, @engineeringinstyle! #10kfriends #omaha #blog #blogger #style #fashion #engineering #engineer #chicago #philly #meetingpeople • How we met: Katherine came across my project via a podcast episode I recorded with @jessclively for #thelivelyshow. She then commented on my picture from this morning saying she was sad she missed me while I was in Chicago (where she currently lives). Luckily, I was on my way to Omaha at that point (where she’s currently traveling to for work) so we DM’ed each other and figured out a time to hang! • Presented this week by: @leadershipphiladelphia

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I figured Rob and I would meet eventually once I started traveling to Philly – but I never imagined we would be traveling to the same place at the same time!  Rob was in Chicago, and I commented that I was sad I missed him.  Just so happens, he was passing through Omaha on the way to LA!

I first learned about Rob’s project from Jess Lively’s podcast, and was very inspired by his project, but at the time didn’t see a way we would ever meet.  As my day job travels have picked up, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I was in Philly and I could be a part of his project!

For me, Rob’s project is telling the story of people all over the country, and reminding us that the people around us all have interesting stories of their lives to tell.  Strangers are mostly GOOD people – we just do not know them.  Making new connections can be an investment just like contributing to a savings account – and Rob is conducting a real life experiment!  I can’t wait to see where his project takes him next!

If you are interested in becoming on of Rob’s 10K friends, follow his Instagram!

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