May Beauty Favorites

May Beauty Favorites – yes, in June.  I have been meaning to post this for week and finally prioritized it.

Traveling south to Tucson meant I needed to take extra care protecting my fair skin from the sun.  I love how easy this sunscreen is to apply – and travel bonus that it’s a powder not a liquid!  I also switched to a higher coverage foundation, and love this one from Loreal.  Staying in hotels drys out my skin, and I often forget to protect the most delicate areas – like my lips.  For the past three weeks I’ve packed this overnight treatment and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my lips.  They are almost never chapped, and I only apply chapstick a couple times a day!

If you follow me on Snap, you know I’m obsessed with face sheet masks.  For the first time, I tried a foot wrap mask.   After a couple days of awkward skin peeling, my feet were left with super soft skin!

Finally, if you want to make a beauty investment, the best money you can spend is on a Dyson hair dryer.  It is a lot of money, but it comes with a lifetime warranty.  Plus it will dry your hair faster and gentler than any other hair dryer!

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