Travel: San Antonio

A few weeks ago I got to escape the chill of the late Chicago winter and head to San Antonio for work.  Although it was a busy week, mostly spent indoors in meetings, presentations and other conference activities, I spent as much free time as possible out exploring the city.

The river walk is SO gorgeous.  As an engineer, I nerded out on wikipedia-ing which parts of the river are natural, which are man made and the infrastructure built around the river to make it enjoyable for tourists and residents of San Antonio.

Like the Chicago architecture cruises, the river boat tour guides will tell you all about San Antonio, and the architecture on the river.  My personal favorite story is the Hilton Palacio del Rio – a 21 story hotel built in record breaking time for the 1968 World’s Fair.

My coworkers and I couldn’t get enough of the warm Texas weather and dined on the river walk as much as possible.

A trip to San Antonio wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the Alamo – especially since it’s only a few blocks from the river walk!  I didn’t have time to do much besides stop and snap a shot in the middle of a run, but I have to save something for the next time I’m in San Antonio!

Away from the tourism

If you are craving getting off the beaten tourist path of the river walk, a short Uber ride away is the Pearl district.  I wish I had taken pictures while I was out there, because the whole neighborhood is gorgeous and insta worthy!  The old Pearl brewery is now converted to an office space with  a plaza of dining and shopping.  Hotel Emma is a gorgeous place to grab a drink (or even stay if you want!), and right next door the Boiler House has absolutely incredible food.  I was skeptical about leaving the immediate downtown area (after all, when you are traveling for work your free time is very precious!) but I’m so glad I did to see this gorgeous San Antonio neighborhood.


Stay tuned for more Travel Tuesday posts!  And be sure to check out my previous travel posts.