Thank you for all of your support on my big news on Monday!  I promise I’ll be sharing more soon on what’s next.  But you can count on me still writing here, no matter where life takes me.

This week was a bit of a crazy one.  I was eating dinner on Tuesday night when I got a text asking if I wanted to go to the John Mayer concert.  When?  That night!  And so a simple Tuesday night turned into happy hour, dinner, and the John Mayer concert.

I’m so grateful that spontaneous opportunities come into my life like this, but it made me think for a minute – why would I leave this?  Why would I leave all of the adventures I have in Chicago and all of the wonderful friends I have made?  But I know there are many, many more adventures waiting for me where I go to next.

There will be many more friends, but I’ll also have reasons to come back to Chicago and see all of my friends here!  Not to mention that my company is still based in Chicago and I’ll be here for work a few times a year.

Dress and heels (c/o :: Sunglasses :: Watch (c/o)