Meet Cath!

Hi Everyone! We are back this month with our monthly guest posts. This month’s writer is a fellow engineer from South Africa! She has a very interesting story and we are so excited to share it with all of you in the next few weeks. Read onto learn more about Cath. Oh, and PS: she is ALSO a blogger! Check out her blog: Practical Cookie

Name: Cath Forsyth
School: University of Cape Town (UCT)
Degree: Electrical Engineering
Go-to Starbucks order: We don’t have any Starbucks in our area, unfortunately. We do have amazing wine farms though – so much wine and so little time!
Can’t leave home without: Some sort of warm clothing, even when it’s sunny outside. (The best piece of advice I got when I moved to Cape Town was to always take something warm with you, it usually gets chilly when the sun goes away, even in summer!)
Favourite thing about being an engineer: Breaking the mould and having the chance to get to know people, through work, that I would never had been able to work with in other situations.
Engineering is: not always technical. Often the most complex problems that need to be solved involve a thorough understanding of people rather than technical prowess.
How do you engineer in style? I engineer in style by bringing a bit of female touch into a mainly male environment.