Engineering In Style - Anthropologie High Tide Halter Dress cloth and stone - Converse low tops
Chambray Summer

One thing I love about Engineering In Style, is for the past more than two and a half years (woah!) it’s a catalog of my life.  I can look back and see what I was doing, how my style and life has progressed (and in some cases regressed) over time. Engineering In Style has definitely helped me defined not only

Engineering In Style - Dunkin Donuts New Cookie
Dunkin Donuts Chocolate Chip Cookie

A couple weeks ago I got to spend an evening doing something I rarely do – baking cookies and eating sweets!  But in case you haven’t heard, Dunkin Donuts now has a chocolate chip cookie, and the recipe is super easy with only a few ingredients.  AND they released it publicly, so you can try it at home!  I usually

Pink Blush

I hope you like these pictures, because they cost my friend Jesi and I a boot removal fee and some dignity.  It was a normal Sunday morning for us, driving to a few locations to shoot (like this heart wall from last week).  For the last outfit, I saw this bridge, and thought, hey, that would look cool!  I’m Engineering