Last week I traveled to Philadelphia, and I’ve never appreciated how beautiful Chicago is in the summer more.  My friends that live in NYC have said, isn’t Chicago gross in the summer?  To which my response is absolutely not, it’s gorgeous! Center City of Philly however is hot and humid, without that cool lake Michigan breeze (still loved it though!

Travel: Columbus

  Two weekends ago I went to Columbus to visit my friend Ameerah, who moved from Chicago last year.  It was my first time actually being IN Columbus, and not just driving through, and I had so much fun!  Although I brought my camera, I spent the weekend living in the moment rather than capturing it, so I don’t have

Laudi Vidni

One of the things I’ve always loved about fashion is the ability to find my own unique style.  I’ve never wanted to look exactly like someone else, no matter how popular the trend. That’s why I always try to shop at a wide variety of stores, and make each outfit my own with accessories. My favorite items are those that