I can’t believe it January, and I still have outfit pictures to post from when there were leaves on the trees. As I meet new people and tell them about my life and various activities, many people call me a hustler.  It’s true, it’s so engrained in my personality that it’s second nature for me to want to do lots

Best of 2016

Zippers We Run the World A Gala in SF Blushing School Girl Chambray The story of a Dress Shedd Blu 2016 Falling Burgundy The Trendy Sparrow Shoots Down in Flames I realize the 10th of January is a little on the late side for a recap of last year, but a few days ago I started thinking of the recap

Night Out

Lately I have felt as though I am operating at a place of Low vs. High Energy.  My normal triggers for feeling “Low energy” are not working out, eating unhealthy, and not sleeping enough.  Even though I’ve maintained all three of those things, I’ve felt the need to “slow down” regardless of the fact that my life has not been