I’m a huge believer that things in life should come easy.  If things seem to flow and happen naturally, then I am probably on the right path in my life.  But if it seems to take effort – effort that is not fun or exciting to me, then my efforts are probably miss placed. One thing that has taken a


Temperatures are finally starting to cool off, and am I the only one that is ready for it?  Personally, I’d like to comfortably wear some of the fall jackets in my collection, like this new little pink jacket I picked up earlier this year! Jacket :: Shirt :: Jeans :: Shoes Photos by Ali Stone

4 Years!

Red Dress Today, Engineering In Style turns four!  I can’t believe another whole year of Engineering In Style has come and gone.  A year ago (you can read my 3 year anniversary post here) feels like yesterday, but so many exciting this have happened in the last year. In the past year, I have learned about myself, about others, grown